The WDARAB Spectacular

WDARAB Inc. Arabian Spectacular 2019

The WDARAB Inc. Arabian Spectacular is back!

Save the date!
Saturday February 16 2019

New date in the lead up to the Aussies.

WDARAB Arabian Spectacular
to be held at Ballarat Pony Club Grounds

More info:
Vice President - Olivia Cleary

Phone: 0434 730 661

If you would like to assist please contact Olivia Cleary or
one of the committee members, whose details are on this site.


Nov 2017 - cancelled
(Reference Only)

To download the programme for the 38th WDARAB Inc. Arabian Spectacular, please click here.

To download the programme for the Victorian Arabian Dressage Series, please click here.

37th WDARAB Inc. Arabian Spectacular

Thanks to all those who contributed to the 37th WDARAB Inc. Arabian Spectacular - what a wonderful weekend!

There are so many people we need to specially thank for their efforts over the weekend. First are our judges – thank you to Graham Smith, Glenda Lovell and Jody Pickering for donating their time and expertise, and for treating all the competitors so well for the duration of the weekend - you are all a credit to the society. We also appreciate your patience with the various flight changes/delays/cancellations from the airlines, particularly Glenda who spent over eight hours delayed at both ends of her trip!  Thanks also to guest judges Alyce Young and Deirdre Matthews for presiding over the Trail Horse and Dressage classes.

We’d also like to thank everyone else who donated their time to the show: to our stewards Karyn Willis, Aleesha McCaw and Kate Luckock, marshals Gudrun Martini, Sharon Klein, Jodie Van Breugel, Kahn Jantzen and Meriell Bilney. Also to the wonderful Helen Kirkpatrick, who spent the entire weekend at the show announcing and helping, to Lesley Morgan for her assistance in the office all day on Sunday, to Helen Spencer for her assistance prior to and following the show and to Alastair McGregor for helping with setup. We’d also like to thank Meriell and Bruce Bilney for kindly sponsoring the beautiful judges’ bags, and the bags and chocolates for all the helpers – they were very well received, and we appreciate your generosity. We hope that our volunteers also enjoy their movie tickets and mugs, which were provided by the club as an expression of our thanks.

Extra special thanks to our club president, Lauren Jantzen, for her huge efforts over the weekend, in every capacity, and the same to her tirelessly patient husband, Kahn Jantzen, for a weekend of labour. Lauren and Kahn’s pre-teen sons, Isaac and Braydon, also put in a fabulous effort as helpers, assisting wherever they could, and doing an excellent job of promoting and selling raffle tickets raising almost three hundred dollars.

As always, we have to extend our most heartfelt thanks to our huge group of extremely generous sponsors. We'll be posting a full list of names shortly, so please show your appreciation by liking that post. Without the incredible support of our sponsors, it would be impossible to run the Spectacular to its current standard. You make the Spectacular a possibility, and we are very grateful. One of our sponsors, Stephen Purchase, was also kind enough to take some photos for our competitors on Saturday – thanks Stephen for stepping up when called upon and helping out when our photographer/committee member was flat out and unable to do the job.

In conclusion, thank you to everyone who contributed to the show, in any capacity.  You are all very much appreciated, and the committee and membership of WDARAB Inc. are truly appreciative.


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For major results from the 2015 Spectacular, please click here.

Impreza, Supreme Senior Purebred Exhibit at the 2015 Spectacular.
Owned by Golden Willow Arabians.  Photo: Dee Kelly



Impreza, Supreme Purebred Exhibit at the 2014 Spectacular. 
Owned by Golden Willow Arabians. Photo: Dee Kelly


Enchanting FF, Supreme Purebred Exhibit at the 2013 Spectacular. 
Owned by Future Farms. Photo: Dee Kelly


Ascot Elizabeth Arden, Supreme Ridden Exhibit at the 2012 Spectacular. 
Owned by Ascot Stud. Photo: Dee Kelly


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